October 11th, 2020
St.Mark’s 75th Anniversary Celebration! 

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St. Mark’s Chaplains

Congratulations to our new chaplains for all your hard work! 

Thank you for being a very tangible witness to

Christ in our community.
Jaci Bernhardt
Bunnie Bettancort
Susie Bowman
Donna Cowen
Pam Dykes
Ed McElroy
Glen Myers
Yvonne Myers
Bill Wilkson
Dianne Wilkson

Chaplains Vow

St. Mark’s United Methodist Church has commissioned these individuals to serve the people of God as Congregational Chaplains. 

Our Chaplains vow to serve the spiritual and emotional needs of others. They will deliver spiritual messages, offer prayer, counseling and administer communion. They will meet the needs of the moment, through listening and prayer. They will visit those in Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, in the Hospital, and those in Hospice care. 

Please feel free to call on any of our chaplains if you need their service. They are blessed by God and anxious to serve.




Call for Volunteers

 If you are interested in serving on the Emergency Response Team in the area of security, please stop by the church office and fill out an application.  You can contact Pastor Russ or Bob Sellers for more details

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