The St. Mark’s Hungary Mission Team is an In Mission Together partnership with Hungarian congregations in Budapest, Dombovar, and Kisvaszar, Hungary. For over 10 years St. Mark’s has been committed to working alongside our Hungarian friends in spreading the good news.

The UMC in Hungary is a mission-oriented church, but its activities are limited by the finances and lack of necessary facilities. It is due partly to the minority status of the church and also to the economic conditions in the country. The communist times preceding the 1990-ies restricted the activities of the church much. It was not allowed to build churches and even today we do not have the suitable facilities for the life of the church in many places. In spite of these difficulties, the social activities of the church far exceeded its size and capacities. We reach out to those in need, the poor, including the disadvantageous minority of the Roma; we maintain five Roma congregations; work with children and youth; we have two homes for the elderly and also maintain a secondary school in Budapest.

It is though the help of volunteers that Strengthens the mission and social activities in the UMC in Hungary.

Annual Goal: $60,000.00
Year to Date Gifts: $8,640.00

Each year, St. Mark’s United Methodist offers members an opportunity to help. If you are iterested in joining a volunteer team visiting Hungary, contact Mary White at (915) 494-3177. If you’re interested in helping financially, just go to;, click give and designate your funds to Hungary Mission Project